JavaScript developer with strong PHP / CSS knowledge

What we need you to do:

The type of work is mixed and we will try to tailor it according to your skillset. of course, this would be made easier if you are a full stack developer, although it is not necessary. If you are stuck, there will be someone to help you, although we expect you to be motivated to find a solution by yourself. This is especially important if you are in a very different time zone from us. The tasks which are going to be assigned to you are part of some long-term goals which we’ve been putting off because we’re concentrating on more immediate problems.


– PHP, JS, CSS (please do state in your application how comfortable you are with each)
– git
– LESS or other CSS preprocessor experience (our code is in LESS, but it’s easy to switch to it from another preprocessor)
– Backbone.js and Underscore.js experience
– experience with implementing responsive websites
– being able to write code for the latest versions of all major browsers, IE9 and iOS Safari
– you need to be able to set up your local server
– (recommended) grunt or similar
– (recommended) shell experience
– (recommended) GSAP experience
– (recommended) WordPress experience
– (recommended) WP CLI

Other requirements:

– self-motivated
– willingness to solve problems by yourself
– desire to improve your skills
– preferably Linux or Mac based – we can’t really help you if you have a problem because of you using a Windows-based server
– you need to follow common coding conventions and standards
– you have to be able to work as a part of a team
– excellent command of English
– anticipate risks and technical challenges
– follow instructions and accommodate yourself to our existing development workflow

How to apply?

Send us the following:
– samples from your recent work (link to your portfolio + a code sample you’re proud of)
– tell us why you’re passionate about the sample you sent us
– timezone or location (for scheduling purposes)
– preferred working hours and availability
– state your experience with each of the skills above
– state if you can set up a local server by yourself and what OS you use


We would conduct an interview and the best candidates will be required to complete a short task (2-3 hours) based on a specification that we’ll provide. The completion of the test task will not require knowledge of our current products and we will help you to set up a suitable development environment.

We understand that this requires a little bit of time from you upfront, but we will look seriously at all applicants that take the time to respond with the above.