severinan ( severinan )
It is a great theme and the customer support is excellent! I can't recommend this template enough - it is sleek, modern and flexible. Props to Nikolay and Vera, they are really putting a lot of effort into this.
three17design ( three17design )
I needed to make some customizations, and I contacted support. They sent me the latest files, because they were making child-theme customization even easier. The site turned out great.
InsightCreativos ( InsightCreativos )
Well, I jhave worked with more than 100 themes already in wordpress, but I think this ones is really good, and also all my problems fixed with the great customer support, thank You very much! Javier.
PhilipStancil ( PhilipStancil )
Your customer support was always quick and dependable. I was surprised by how responsive you guys were, and you stayed with the problem until we had a solution. Thank you!
andydiprose ( andydiprose )
The theme is stunning and the customer service is fantastic with any question, no matter how big or small - I would definitely recommend it to any couple looking to create the wow factor for their website!
giovannimissaglia ( giovannimissaglia )
I'm not very experienced with php and css and I had some problems. the support team has always responded within maximum 24 hours and have solved all my problems. Great job!
daviddunlop ( daviddunlop )
This is a great theme! Well designed and easy to develop in Wordpress. The customer support has been fantastic as well. Nikolay and the team always get back to you with a solution! Well worth the buy.
rogerairline ( rogerairline )
Well designed theme, includes everything that a gym needs. Also impressed by the quick loading time and responsiveness of the template. Nicely done. Thanks!
jackieadams777 ( jackieadams777 )
We love this theme for it's sleek, elegant and intuitive design and the extensive features and options it our website. Definitely sets the bar for law firm websites!!
kamenmetar ( kamenmetar )
Great documentation for newbies. Solid support - my queries were answered in less than 6 hours. Styling is easy even for unexperienced user like me.
Caracal75 ( Caracal75 )
Wonderful theme and customer support, always here and fast help. I recommend and will surely purchase other theme from Vamtam. Thank you guys
MartaIraola ( MartaIraola )
One of the best customer Support I've ever found. Thanks !!
Gargooy ( Gargooy )
the best event theme ! its work fine with a very easy install i recommend 🙂
Kuzz ( Kuzz )
I've had no bugs with this theme whatsoever. It's beautiful designed and coded and has been a pleasure to work on. Would highly recommend it to anyone.
kaarelveike ( kaarelveike )
Because of the extra mile that the theme author takes for the clients.
DawnKelly ( DawnKelly )
Amazing Theme! I will search vamtam themes before any other next time I buy.
tjasacepus ( tjasacepus )
It is great to work with these theme, also support is correct, quick and very nice. Thanks.
monem1 ( monem1 )
Excellent theme and easily customized. Top notch support. Thanks!
shines1591 ( shines1591 )
The theme is awesome but the support team makes this theme even more special! thanks!
VelvetMedia ( VelvetMedia )
Great design, unlimited options, highly functional, and customizable. Thanks for the great support.
uncoeur11 ( uncoeur11 )
Awesome theme, unique features and lots of breathing room to create any site possible. Thanks vamtam!
natefarr ( natefarr )
The Theme can be a little daunting for inexperienced users but the customer support makes up for it. It's excellent and timely.
DgCvisual ( DgCvisual )
Excelente Support Team!! For an ellegant and very flexible Theme. Thank you Niko! Excelente soporte!! Para una elegante y muy flexible tema.
wjt9243 ( wjt9243 )
They were really helpful in solving some compatibility issues I had with our server and the settings we had configured.
ganjou ( ganjou )
Great options ! Very intuitive and easy ! Deserve a five stars for that. Loading of admin options is a little bit slow... could be improved I think.
bobinemechek ( bobinemechek )
The is second theme from this author. Top notch support on top of tons of quality documentation. Easy to learn for newbie like me.
temanager ( temanager )
Amazing import option which will setup the theme to look just like it does on the website when you buy it. Awesome customer support as well.
zubu555 ( zubu555 )
This is by far one of the best support team I experiences. I have 10+ themes and this is the best support theme for me 🙂 Thank you!
drcolomer ( drcolomer )
It's a great theme, nice design, flexibility and the support very well, amazing. Good people they try to resolve all your problems.
KaylaF ( KaylaF )
Great theme, great support. Works perfectly right out of the box with no code issues. Even gave support on some customizations we wanted. No issues to date with theme at all, unlike others we've encountered. Third theme we've purchased from Vamtam and been very happy!
mtlawoffices ( mtlawoffices )
Awesome design, easy for me to learn (and I am no expert). I was able to create a beautiful site, with beautiful, modern pages...your hard work has allowed me to build the site I always wanted - thank you!! I would buy from this designer again.
kmolina ( kmolina )
I love this theme! Not only is it easy to use but the robustness is amazing. I love the event feature and the donate features. I also had an error message that came up and I received an email within 24 hours with a solution to my problem. Great customer service!
Sova-L ( Sova-L )
The Theme is perfectly developed to the needs of repair company or private ent. Documentration is very profesional and easy-to-read for non-professional user (as just our office team). This web is full and ready-to-use without any additional tools. I am really happy to have it )) Thank you!!
chimpmedia ( chimpmedia )
Not only is this an awesome theme, but customer support is top rated! I develop a lot of sites for clients, and this may be my new go-to theme! I LOVE how the demo content comes with tons of pre-built Contact Form 7 templates, too! Thank you guys!
ObviousPhantom ( ObviousPhantom )
Fall inlove with theme in first sight. I couldn't find any reason why NOT to buy this awesome theme. So many options, you never can get enough of it. You just keep exploring the theme and find new stuff. vamtam just started something new. Can't wait to see their future themes.
kmolina ( kmolina )
I love this theme! Not only is it easy to use but the robustness is amazing. I love the event feature and the donate features. I also had an error message that came up and I received an email within 24 hours with a solution to my problem. Great customer service!
kamenmetar ( kamenmetar )
This theme is by far the best theme I have worked on to date. Not only is there plenty of customization options, the theme is very well documented with high quality video tutorials . The support has been quick to respond and very friendly. 10 out 10 Vamtam GREAT THEME.
temanager ( temanager )
I love how the theme comes just like it looks on the website. Pictures and all. Vamtam has an amazing import option which sets everything up for you. They also answered my questions when I was having an issue and helped me fix it in a quick and timely manner. I would highly recommend!
rpbecker ( rpbecker )
I am creating a site for a lawyer using the Adept theme. I had one question which the generally good documentation didn't address. I sent a note off to Vantam and had an answer back within a day that solved the issue very nicely. The theme is igh quality and the support is highly responsive.
Sova-L ( Sova-L )
The Theme is perfectly developed to the needs of repair company or private ent. Documentration is very profesional and easy-to-read for non-professional user (as just our office team). This web is full and ready-to-use without any additional tools. I am really happy to have it )) Thank you!!
sinoun ( sinoun )
Incredible theme and developer! Customer support is one of the best I've seen. I've purchased many themes over the years and this is one of the best. Keep up the great work! Your service is much appreciated.
Khairos ( Khairos )
A Great support with fast answers and very clear. This template is very beautiful and i have seen the team is improving it little by little. Has a lot of potential!!
Maex2k ( Maex2k )
I'm not a professional web designer, so I have to ask the support if I have problems with my themes. The Vamtam-Team answers really fast and helped me a lot!
avia2000 ( avia2000 )
I had a problem on my site and I recieved great service. Nikoly found a solution to the problem whitin a short time. I'm very pleased with the customer support
nemanjaradevic ( nemanjaradevic )
This theme is quite customizable, some minor things like the duplicate content using wpml didn t work from copying from one language to the other but this is really minor. Very flexible to customize. Good documentation I would personally have the wpml shorcodes to be accepted within the boxes of the backend , there is a small workaround if you don t mind copy pasting some stuff in ftp Support is experienced and good, just give them time and read documentation first
bobbyong ( bobbyong )
The template is highly customizable. I am very happy with the way I can change things to make it appear the way I want. The customer support is absolutely top notch! I would give it 5 out of 5 stars. Everytime I find difficulty customising the theme, I just write a simple email and within 24 hours someone from the support desk will help me out. If required, I can provide my login credentials and the admin will investigate my problem further and provide a solution.
tdwright23 ( tdwright23 )
I purchased this theme for a very short noticed project and was tremendously pleased. This theme is very robust, but don't be intimidated it is very easy to customize and documented very well. I had a minor issue on the weekend of the launch and Vamtam customer service came through and helped me resolve the issue and I was able to launch right away. Thanks Vamtam, this theme is well worth the buy.
jasksks ( jasksks )
This theme is great for fitness sites, well designed and an easy drag and drop builder. The demo import will take some time to wrap your head around for those unfamiliar with CSS, but the helpful and prompt support team more than makes up for that tiny moot point. I highly recommend this theme for not just the design, but also the top notch support provided by Vantam!
Heidemarie ( Heidemarie )
As a novice of WordPress with no coding knowledge, I found working with VamTam's theme has transformed by initial anxiety and confusion to one of confidence and mastery. Their drag-and-drop feature allows me to utilize it's amazing array of powerful processes with ease, producing a website of professional quality both in appearance and performance, while my son the computer programmer can use the TEXT mode to encode additional embellishments. I am grateful to the dedicated support team for their excellent tutorials and personal attention they provided to help me whenever I ran into problems. BRAVO, VamTam!
brandenjriggs ( brandenjriggs )
The actual theme/template is working out great for me. This is my first WordPress project, so there was a big learning curve in the beginning, but i am quickly catching on. The thing I'm really impressed with is the customer service, there have been a few changes i couldn't figure out how to make on my own. After emailing support with questions, Nikolay responded and has been most helpful, he's offered advice on a couple things, and has given me the actual css code for me to copy paste into my website for a couple others, how great is that!!! Branden
jolynpeng ( jolynpeng )
This theme is easy to use and quite flexible. i'm not very good with codes, but i was able to customize this theme very easily. the best part so far is the support, although i haven't been making a lot of inquiries, i've been very satisfied with the support from the VamTam team. it's made the experience so much nicer for an entry level user like me! good work and thanks for your help! 🙂
TheMadHatMedia ( TheMadHatMedia )
VERY EASY TO WORK WITH!!!!! This theme is built to give a professional look but also have the ability to edit and change quickly with extreme ease! They must have built this with a novice end user in mind. Seriously a great theme! with Great documentation, and very fast support. HIGHLY HIGHLY recommended!
StreetReach ( StreetReach )
Really enjoying working with this theme. Once you get use to the main control of it, seems very easy to work with and does more than I expected. Also very impressed with the documentation that is available for it, including the online help. Support seems to always get back to me with an answer within a day (usually 12 hours or less). I think it is perfect for getting it going right out of the box, but also allows for someone with some technical experience to take it further if they so desire. The theme almost entices and encourages you to push yourself further because you can do so much with it if you are new with WP or site design but have some technical experience, and makes it an enjoyable experience. I am surprised with how much I am enjoying learning just from working with this theme. I will admit that I am very impressed with this theme overall from how user friendly it is, to all the bells and whistles (many I didn't even expect), to customer support. Great job with this theme IMO!
businesswdesign ( businesswdesign )
Just wanted to leave my feedback about this A-MA-ZING theme! First of all, this theme – let me say this TEAM are one of the best on Themeforest. I’ve been now more then 5+ years on Themeforest and have downloaded over 50+ templates from different authors. Why is that? This team design templates at highest price, extremely advanced and customizable template options, very fast loading pages, one of the best responsive experience that I have. But this team offer also a great support including the template price as services, they are quick to reply and very friendly. I am so enthusiast about the team, so I bought more templates from them because I am sure that everything on that is AWESOME. Because of their template design I have many idea’s to build which I am working on it now. I wish they also provide customized offer. Thx for all, S.